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We're minting the world's biggest names in film, TV, and sports. All RECUR Passes are unique and holding a RECUR Pass grants you utility in each RECUR experience in various forms.70,435 RECUR Passes have been minted and no additional RECUR Passes will ever be created. Become a verified RECUR Pass Holder today by purchasing yours from the RECUR Pass Marketplace. All Pass Holder account profiles are verified with a RECUR Portal by their display name so you can see if you're eligible for upcoming Pass Holder features, promotions and opportunities.

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About the Art

Each unique RECUR Pass is a 1:1 NFT, programmatically generated with a color set based on the edition number of the RECUR Pass when it was minted. The numbers, and their corresponding colors, combine to define each RECUR Pass's attributes. Attributes can impact rarity in various ways.

Recur Pass

Recur Pass

Recur Pass

Recur Pass

Recur Pass

Recur Pass

Recur Pass

Recur Pass


Beta access to some of the biggest IP experiences in pop culture. And that's just phase 1.

Phase 1
Phase 2

More coming soon…


What is the RECUR Pass?

The RECUR Pass sale was held for 24 hours beginning on December 9th, 2021, and no RECUR Passes will be sold ever again. RECUR Pass holders gain exclusive access and benefits within experiences powered by RECUR, and they can be sold on the RECUR Pass Marketplace.

What does the RECUR IP Pass give me access to? What are your planned projects?

Right now, early access, rewards, and exclusive NFT packs are the benefits we've confirmed for existing experiences powered by RECUR, but each new experience we create brings more exciting opportunities to create value for RECUR Pass holders. After all, we've partnered with the most iconic IP in the world. They're the biggest names in film, TV, sports, and pop culture. They include Paramount Global (think Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures etc.), Sanrio's Hello Kitty, and college sports. And there's more coming…

Are the above properties in the roadmap your final, full list of properties?

The above listed Characters, Movies and TV, and Sports imagery are a smaller subset of branded experiences. More coming!

What is the supply for the RECUR Pass?

The RECUR Pass was sold for a 24 hour time period and no new RECUR Passes will ever be minted again. Based on the quantity of RECUR Passes purchased during the sale, an additional 10% was added to the total supply, held in RECUR's treasury, and allocated for community initiatives and ecosystem development. The total supply of RECUR Passes in existence is 70,435.

How and when can I buy it?

Because the initial RECUR Pass sale ended, the only way to buy a RECUR Pass now and in the future is on the RECUR Pass Marketplace.

How is RECUR fostering and supporting the NFT community?

A portion of our RECUR Pass Marketplace sales is allocated towards the RECUR Community Fund, a program established to support new and ongoing initiatives in the NFT space. RECUR is committed to supporting its diverse community of fans, technologists, and creators. We'll share more soon!

Where can I talk to the team?

DISCORD! Come meet our team! Join our Discord server where you can meet other RECUR Pass holders, make waves with some whales, or just brag about your existing NFT collection. We have some cool people joining us to chat there too. If you're experiencing an issue, would like to provide early feedback, or want to get to know us better this is the place for you. We will be monitoring the channel to provide support and help you onboard.

When was the RECUR Pass Reveal date?

RECUR Passes were revealed to those who purchased them in the initial sale one week after the 24-hour window closed.

When will the Marketplace open?

The RECUR Pass Marketplace is now open all the time!